Services and Workshop

At Berry’s we have an in-house workshop where all our jewellery is created on site. We also offer a comprehensive repair and remodelling service so your jewellery is serviced without leaving the premises.



Time for a change? At Berry’s we can take your old jewellery and reuse the stones and metal to make something new and exciting. Just bring in anything you no longer wear and you can sit down with a jeweller and discuss design ideas incorporating the materials you already have.


Custom Design 

Collaborative design - Introducing design possibilities and concepts whilst tailoring to your personal preferences.

Form and function - Beauty with comfort. When making an outstanding statement or complementing an existing treasured piece, understanding your desires

As designers, master jewellers, and technicians any piece is possible, creating lovely individual pieces that interface gemstones, metal preferences and the considerations of the wearer. In this manner we are creating contemporary heirloom jewellery that will delight you is the key.



After years of wear jewellery sometimes needs maintenance work. We can assess your jewellery as you wait and let you know if any repair or maintenance is needed. Accidents unfortunately do occur, so in this situation we are happy to evaluate any damage to jewellery and provide a quote for the repair.  We carry out all repair work on-site so you can be sure your goods are secure.

Some common repairs are:

-Resizing of rings and bangles

-Lengthening/shortening/repairing of chains and bracelets

-Maintenance work on rings e.g. new claws, new shank/band

-Supply, match and re-setting of diamonds and gemstones

-Broken chain? No problem! No repair is too small; it is our pleasure to assist!



Insurance Valuations and Appraisals

Often your insurance company will require you to have a comprehensive Valuation/Appraisal on specifically itemized pieces of jewellery in order to be covered against loss, burglary or accidental damage. In the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim on an item of jewellery we are happy to liaise with any insurance company to assist in the processing of your claim.

Insurance Valuation

We can provide an Insurance Replacement Valuation for any item of jewellery. Our valuations are carried out on-site by a qualified Gemmologist and Manufacturing Jeweller. All jewellery is cleaned and checked before valuing.

Post Loss Valuations

If an item of jewellery is stolen/lost or damaged, insurance companies will often require a Post Loss Valuation with a quote to replace or repair the item. We are happy to sit down with you to gather the necessary information to write up a Post Loss Valuation for your insurance company with no cost to yourself.




We offer a rethreading service for pearls and beads of any size and length.

Along with an extensive selection of silver and gold clasps should you need one.

We can also help with deciding on the best overall length for necklaces and bracelets and whether your piece needs rethreading or reknotting.

Standard Pearl Lengths   Standard bracelet lengths  
Choker – 42cm Small 17cm
Princess – 45cm Medium 19cm
Matinee – 60cm

Large 21cm

Opera -80cm  




Cleaning service and Jewellery examination

We are always happy to clean and check your jewellery at no charge.  

We can do this whilst you wait and let you know if any repairs are needed and give you a quote to do the repair if needed.


Duty Free

We offer those travelling overseas from any international airport in New Zealand the option of paying for their goods duty free.

In these cases the goods are purchased in store for the 15% reduced price but are collected from the international airport of departure.

Our team in store will walk you through the process of payment and collection before the goods are purchased.

Duty Free


The Birthstones:

  • January; Garnet
  • February; Amethyst
  • March; Aquamarine
  • April; Diamond
  • May; Emerald
  • June; Pearl
  • July; Ruby
  • August; Peridot
  • September; Sapphire
  • October; Opal
  • November; Topaz
  • December; Turquoise